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The First Day

*Remove your film after 4 hours

*Gently wash your tattoo with cold soapy water

(mild/unsented soap is best)

*Gently pat the tattoo dry with kitchen towel and leave air dry fro a few minutes

*Apply a thin layer of your aftercare cream

(only enough to make it slightly shiny)

*Aftercare cream should be applied 3 times a day for 2 weeks

*Avoid using creams such as Vaseline or Sudocream as the tattoo will not be able to breathe

Aftercarecream is available to purchase from our studio

Healing Process

*When your tattoo is healing do not scratch or pick the scabs

*We would advise no gym, saunas or swimming pols for 2 weeks

*Do not expose your new tattoo to direct sunlight

(in weather that can cause a sun burn)

or sun beds for 8 weeks

*Avoid cosmetic products or fake tan on the area until the tattoo is fully healed

Special Attention

If you have any questions please contact our shop we will be happy to help

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